Being thankful



With the depressing world news this week of Trump being voted in and rising numbers of hate crime, racism and sexism across the UK and America. I find it easy to be sucked into the darkness of the world news, of the media, to begin to view everything through negative lenses and miss the beauty and good things which are happening around me. To try and counteract this I have been trying hard to practice thankfulness. Thinking of things each day which I am thankful for, things which have been positive.

Some weeks in the nurture role you have to work quite hard to find the positives, but this week it was wonderful to see the children I work with coping well, taking part, enjoying school and smiling. Yesterday I trained Sunflowers day nursery, I have worked with them many times over the years, it was a joy to spend time with them again, to see how they have developed, I was reminded how much I love training, how I love supporting and nurturing staff to develop ideas, try things out, reflect and ask questions and how much I learn from them, once again I left Sunflowers feeling inspired and enthused about the richness of early years practice.

This morning I walked around the meadow at the back of our house, I love the Autumn morning when the sun is rising and there is mist hanging over the valley, a reminder of the beauty that is around me.

Through the darkness and the negative stories I know I need to find the positives, to notice the good things which bring me hope and make me smile.


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