Mindful moments foraging for sweet chestnuts



This half term has given me the time and space to slow down, think, reflect and enjoy the autumn. I have been thinking a lot this week about well-being, how I reflect this in my nurture work and my business, how I bring a sense of well-being into the training I deliver. An essential part of well-being for me is being aware of feelings, thoughts and the effect this has on the body. Many of the children I work with through the nurture role find it hard to name feelings and sensations in their body, so much of our work is helping to put them in touch with what is happening in their minds and their body.

I find mindfulness practice a really useful tool to stay in touch with my body and mind. I love the practice of stopping and noticing, for me, this fits so beautifully with my work with young children. Young children are often so good at noticing, taking a walk with a toddler can take so long! while they stop and peer at every snail, stick, stone and dog poo. As adults we have something to learn from this, taking the time to notice can be so enriching. I plan this week to be doing some listening and watching walks with my nurture children, stopping and noticing, listening and seeing what is around us and thinking about how that makes us feel.

This afternoon I went for a walk with my husband in the local woods, we found lots of sweet chestnuts and spent quite a while foraging through the leaves and shells to find chestnuts to take home. This was a wonderful moment, when you are foraging you have to give it all your attention, it becomes a very mindful experience, searching through leaves, watching out for the sharpness of the outer shells, looking for the shiny brown chestnut. We hadn’t planned to do any foraging, but we enjoyed the opportunity, space, the activity and later tonight we will enjoy roasting them on our open fire.


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