Learning to be self-compassionate




I spend a lot of time in my nurture role reminding Ta’s and teachers that they need to be kind to themselves and self-compassionate, that these are essential to having good well-being. I spent a month writing a chapter about well-being for adults and looking at how we need to have good well-being ourselves if we want to improve children’s well-being. The last couple of weeks my husband and a close friend have reminded me that I need to be more self-compassionate, I need to be kinder to myself and think about my own well-being!.

This is so easy to say to others, I think I am good at nurturing other people, at encouraging others to think about their needs and usually, I remember to be kind to myself. But this term has been quite hard, there have been changes with our eldest moving away to uni, our youngest has been very poorly for weeks and my nurture work has felt very emotionally demanding. I feel that I have cried a lot these last 6 weeks, tears over work stories and tears of frustration, worry and loss. My self-compassion hasn’t been as strong as it could have!.

This week is half term, this week my aim is to do something each day which makes me happy, something each day which helps me to love myself. These will be simple but they will make me smile. I plan to plant bulbs for next spring, walk each day amongst the beautiful autumnal trees, listen to music, read books, drink coffee and share meals with friends, spend time with my daughters and husband, bake cakes and do some knitting and felting. I plan to enjoy the precious moments and enjoy the space the week will hopefully bring.


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