Stories of belief, in ourselves and in others


This week I read these words by Ian Adams, ‘Belief is stepping into a story that rings true and allowing the story to form you, the story must shape again in you. The belief finds its believability in your life today’

These felt very pertinent words to me this week; I have spent some lovely moments this week on Exmouth beach, sitting, wandering, thinking and reflecting. In these moments of reflection, I became aware of the voices of doubt, questioning, and a sense of blagging, that have crept back into my head, without me really realising it. I became aware of the destructive story that was creeping back into my head.

The stories we have in our head about ourselves can be very powerful, sometimes they can be destructive and sometimes they can be really positive. For years, the story in my head about myself was that I was stupid. I failed at school, largely due to being a young carer. Fifteen years later I eventually did an early years degree and got a first, but I still felt that I was just blagging my way; I then did an MA in early years, and this began to quieten some of the voices in my head about being stupid.

Ian’s words helped me think a lot about the story I have been living in my head recently and how I can change that; how I can believe in a new story and live that new story. Importantly the words also really got me thinking about the stories the children I work with have in their heads, about themselves. Often their stories are about being stupid, naughty, angry and unloved. I and the educators I work with need to help these children to have a new story. One that is about being unique, special, loved and able. Our role in the year we work with them is to start to change the stories they have, enable them to believe the new story and to begin to live it.
Ian Adams– 40 temptations – Proost 


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