Noticing and seeing the small things



This week I have been thinking about noticing and enjoying the small things around us. I have spent some of the week writing a chapter about using mindfulness and stillness with children. A crucial part of mindful practice is being aware of the here and now, and noticing what is going on in your head and body. Another element of mindful practice is really noticing the environment you are in. Through the process of writing and reflecting on this, I realised how much of this has become a crucial part of my nurture work with 4 yr olds. In the role as a nurture worker I am often encouraging children to stop and notice how they are feeling and to notice what is happening in their body.

So often we can be so caught up in being busy, of thinking about the next job or the next thing we need to do, that we sometimes miss the small but significant things. This week one child greeted me with a sentence “hello, look I am wearing 2 green tops” . This was one small sentence, to many it would seem insignificant, but to me it was a small moment of brilliance. The little boy had managed to put together a sentence that I could understand, he used the correct colour and the correct number, was also really happy and proud to tell me. It doesn’t sound much, but it was a small and memorable moment, remindng me that we had made significant progress. This small moment made me feel so happy, it was a moment of great job satisfaction. I could so easily have dismissed it, but instead it has stayed with me for the rest of the week and continued to make me smile.

This next week I am going to be experimenting with using some intentional mindful practice with my 4 yr olds. I will be doing sensory play with colourful pasta  ( see photo above!) and noticing how it makes us feel. I am also going to use a friends idea, to use a magnifying glass to go on an exploration to find and notice things, to see if we can stop and enjoy some moments of beauty and enjoy how they make us feel.


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