I am a really keen gardener, I am not very good at it, mainly because I have no spatial awareness, I can’t do straight lines and I am rubbish at following instructions. So my planting is very haphazard and I often forget how much space things need to grow. But I love it, I have realised that being a gardener, particularly my style of gardening, requires a lot of hope.

Today is the first day in my new gardening year. Today I planted broad beans and sweet pea seeds in my greenhouse. I had forgotten how exciting I found the start of a new gardening year; the anticipation, the planning, the preparing. I love the rituals involved at the start of the new gardening year, cleaning the greenhouse, sorting out pots, sorting through seeds. I had forgotten how meditative and calming I find this whole process, but also how happy it makes me. So much hope goes into the process of gardening, at the start of the new year you plan and think about what you will grow, you hope that the seeds that you carefully nurture will first of all appear and then grow and flourish. You then have the hope you experience as you put your small plants out into the garden, desperately hoping that slugs and birds wont eat them. From previous experience I know that I will lose some plants, I know that I will have another battle with slugs and birds and I know that I will probably overestimate how many plants I can grow in my veg patch, but that doesn’t matter, the hope for some good things is what I am hanging onto, because I also know some things will work.

As I was planting the seeds this morning I was thinking about how hope is an important part of my work life too. The hope as a self employed person that people will want to buy in my services of training and consultancy; the hope as a nurture worker for the small children I work with, that things will improve for them, and that I and the education staff can help them to feel safe, loved and secure. I know that there will continue to be some difficult times in my nurture work, and probably some scary times ahead being self employed, but I also know that having hope is a good thing.


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