Finding beauty in darkness


Sometimes it can feel that we are surrounded by dark things. This last term has felt at times full of darkness, the world news has been bleak, there has been deeply sad news affecting various friends and some of the stories I have heard through work have been really distressing. Over the years I have learnt that I can’t escape the darkness, that I need to learn at times how to live in the darkness, but within the darkness there can be moments of beauty.

I went for a walk this morning looking for some beauty. I felt that I needed to put this last term behind me and begin the process of finding rest, relaxation, peace and beauty. I have spent the last few days writing a chapter about outdoor play and helping children enhance their wellbeing through the outdoors. Writing it has reminded me that I need some wildness, I need some time outdoors, for my own wellbeing I need to find some beauty.

The moments of beauty for me this morning were in seeing the sunrise, hearing birds singing, seeing a tiny wren in my garden and finding a rose that is still growing. My aim over this remaining advent and into the end of the year is to keep looking out for the moments of beauty.


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