How do we live our one wild and precious life?



In the summer, I was introduced to the poet Mary Oliver. She wrote a poem called The Summer day, which is a beautiful poem, it talks about noticing, about stopping and seeing and being. At the end of the poem it raises the question, ‘Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?’

I have had this line going through my head over the last few months since I first heard it.This line is a reminder of the wonder of our lives, about noticing the beauty around us but also about recognising how wonderful, precious and amazing our life is. This line has encouraged me to reflect on what I do with my life, how I spend my time working and playing and resting. I find the question challenging but also exciting. Part of my work life is to train people. I try to encourage them to be inspired and excited about working with children and young people. I try to encourage them to think about how they listen to children and young people and the difference that can make and the influence they can have. I love training, and I often get a real buzz from it. I love the thrill of going into an unknown group, there is always a slight moment of fear that they won’t like what I am saying, but also a hope that I can leave behind some ideas that might influence their practice and ultimately make a difference to children and young people. In the last two weeks, I have been offered an amazing opportunity to write a book for Jessica Kingsley Publishers about how we promote young children’s emotional health and wellbeing. Writing a book was never really in my thoughts or imaginings, but once the seed had been planted I realised how excited I was at the opportunity. This opportunity has reminded me that sometimes things come our way that we were not looking for, that we can’t always plan ahead. To be honest, I am not sure if I can write a book, but I am going to have fun trying and enjoy this one wild moment and opportunity in my life.


One thought on “How do we live our one wild and precious life?”

  1. Cool reading your blog tonight Sonia. Many advents I’ve reflected on the courage of both Mary & Joseph. Some how this Advent I’ve found myself thinking about the excitement and hope they shared about finding their faith fulfilled – it’s true, God cares and is coming.
    Somehow this knowledge is helping me face the darkness around me. We have several ‘customers’ at work with a statement of having a personality disorder, sometimes my interactions with them are extremely painful – so much so that however much I want to reject these lables as unpoven mumbojumbo, the extremes of darkness scare me. I wonder if I too am so self absorbed that I cause the kind of pain these folk casually inflict? I wonder if I’m especially vulnerable because I grew up with this?, it’s meant that my of my energy has helped me explore hope.


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